Infuse 3 iOS 8 folder crash

I have searched… Honest and only hint I have of similar problem is more than 120 files in a folder… But that seems quite old and I would have thought such a limitation would have been dealt with long ago.

I’ve recently had Infuse on iOS 8 crash repeatedly and repeatable.
It occurs when I access a folder of movies, the folder contains alphabetical list of directories ie

In each alphabetical folder are movies, each movie has at least 3 files for WDTV (which I use on the main TV):

  • the movie MP4/mov/avi
  • .metadata - an XML file
  • .thumbnail - image
  • maybe SRT file for subtitles

I find that if I go into a folder called “TV” or “Documentaries” then Infuse does not crash (not many files in each series subdirectory), but if I go into the movies folder it does.

Is this because the movie folder subdirectories contain a lot of files?
For example the ‘S’ sub-folder has 95 movies, so using the above file multiplier, there are at least 3x95 or 285 files in that sub-folder alone.


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Infuse 3.0 or 3.1 this error?? Post please your log file.

Here is the log file:


We’ll take a look and see if we can track down what’s going on here.

PS - just to be sure, are you running the new 3.1 version?

Hi James,
Any joy on this?
I removed the app from my iPad and reinstalled, I checked that the version in the App Store is 3.1.
Unfortunately I have the same problem still.

We believe we’ve resolved this for the upcoming 3.2 version, which we are hoping to submit to Apple this week.

Thanks for hanging in there. :slight_smile:

Brilliant! Can’t wait to test it. I really like the product, so super-excited about being able to use it again.
Many thanks.

3.2 installed just now but on entering my movies catalogue it still crashes to desktop.
Im sad, specially with chromecast beta as it would have been so good.

Time to check other programs me thinks

Me too!!!
Still crashes, I’m really sad too.
It only crashes on my folder with alphabetical folders ie 26 folders + 1 for numbered movies.
If I can be bothered I will do some tests. I am convinced that there is some bug in the numbers of folders and files.
Oh I should add that I cleared the metadata cache, no good. I deleted and reinstalled the app, also no good!
In all cases the folder with 27 subdirectories crashed.

Hmm, if you’re still seeing an issue we’d love to hear about it. The best way to help us troubleshoot is to send an email from within the app itself.

Details here

I agree.

I moved halv My movies to another folder and infuse doesent crash any longer.

infuse isstill crashing on me and I am using 2 different wifi seagate harddrive.One is a 1T and the second is a 500 gig . each drive a 10 hour rechargable battery driven My problems started with the 3.2 upgrade/

I have gone to NPlayer, I sent tech support email with no repsonse back. it been over one month. This is not exceptable