Infuse 3 (IAP) or Infuse Pro app

From your point of view, is it better to support the Infuse 3 app with in app purchase, or to get the new Infuse Pro app?

Why are they done as separate apps?

Infuse Pro costs $9.99.
For the users who have purchased the old IAP in Infuse 2, they can get the new Pro features by purchasing the new $2.99 IAP.

Have you already purchased the 2.99 IAP for Infuse 3? Can you let me know how is it? I currently have nPlayer & VLCStreamer… just trying to check and see if it’s worth it?

I’m in the same boat, I already have StreamToMe(ServeToMe) for my iPad and Serviio for streaming to my BluRay player. I was looking for something that streamed something from my Internet server / something more feature rich than StreamToMe hence looking at Infuse.

I’ve had StreamToMe as well… decided to pass up on it when I had issues with updating my video content in folders. I already have Plex for my movie & tv collection. I like having different choices for using video content. AirVideo HD is pretty good as well, but I like the UI of Infuse and I’m not sure about spending an additional 2.99 for something I paid for in the past.

I haven’t.
I like the idea of streaming untouched media without transcoding. But Infuse is just too slow when streaming HD files.
Honestly I don’t think I will make any further purchase unless the app becomes more efficient.

Thanks… VLCStreamer is pretty decent. I guess… I’ll just stay with that for the time being.

New features and improved stability are definitely worth the price of a coffee IMO.


And if you don’t have the original Pro version, is it worth the 8,99€?

Yeah, I decided to give it a go… I don’t mind supporting devs. It was just the fact of the confusion that had me unsure.

Yes, definitely. Especially when you compare it to the price of a Plex Pass.