Infuse 3 HDMI Problem from iPad Air 2

I just downloaded Infuse 3 to run on my iPad Air 2 running iOS 8.1

I also have a Lightning Digital A/V (HDMI) adapter.

When I try to use HDMI, I get audio, but no video (but the app recognizes that it’s in HDMI mode as the little “TV Screen” Icon is shown in the center of the iPad screen.

All my other HDMI-Capable apps (NetFlix, Amazon Instant, Safari Browser [when playing videos maximized], etc) don’t have any issues, and screen mirroring is working just fine as well (Infuse GUI displays fine over HDMI until the video playback begins, then the HDMI screen just goes black and I hear only audio.)

I should note that whenever video is playing, and I tap the SETTINGS icon to pick a “resolution,” the resolution window pops up on the HDMI output very briefly and then disappears to blackness again … so the resolution settings make no difference.

The videos I’m watching are all strictly iPad compliant (h.264 video with AAC audio in M4V file) and play fine using the app itself – just not over HDMI.

I’ve tried some of the common online tricks (unplug, replug HDMI adapter, reboot with adapter plugged in, etc. etc) with no resolution.

Please tell me what I’m doing wrong?


Is this happening with all videos, or just a few?

And just to confirm, the video in question plays ok inside Infuse (not connected to HDMI)?

All of the at least a dozen I’ve tested…

And yes, they play fine in the app when NOT connected to HDMI.

I’m now at work, and I’m trying this now on a DVI-based PC monitor – and it’s working.

I did a full restart of the iPad this morning (holding the two buttons until it reset). I don’t yet know if that’s the reason it’s working, because I did this before trying any videos. I’ll try again later on the TV set which was not working last week.

Well, it’s working now, so I guess the reset fixed it!! Only minor issue is that video is never full-screen entirely. No matter what resolution I choose, there’s always varying amounts of letter- or pillar-boxing.