Infuse 3 and DD 5.1 over optical out from ATV

I need help with setting up audio with infuse.
My problem is that I have audio receiver with only optical audio input for sound, no hdmi.
I have tried to play some movies that have DTS audio track.
The problem is that movie audio is playing only in 2 channels.
Is there anything I can do to get appletv/iphone play that in 5.1 audio.
Thank you!

Are you trying to play the files over AirPlay? If so, DTS is not supported on AirPlay.

Yes, I am trying to play it over airplay.
I dont understand how to play it then.
How to get 5.1 sound on my setup from MKV file that have audio in DTS.
So all this hype about infuse DTS is nothing because you can get only 2 channel output from DTS/DTS-HD 5.1?
Thank you!

Previously, if your video file only had a DTS audio track Infuse could not play the audio at all. With the latest release it is at least able to play the audio track … Just not in all the glory you want … However that is an issue with AirPlay.