Infuse 3.4 How to create a folder?

Hello to all,
I have seen that with the new release we should be able to create to store in separate folders our video files, but how should I do that?

I have seen a tab with “+ new folder” “my favs” and “kids favs” but i cannot find it anywhere!
In addiction, it was so nice to hold an icon and then delete it by clicking the little “X” on the bottom corner of the icon. Now it’s not working anymore. If i tap and hold a movie, it won’t do anything,
Is that suppose to happen? :frowning:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Things are a little different in 3.4, but here’s the basics of how things work.

  1. Tap 3 dots in upper right corner
  2. Choose select
  3. Select the files you wish to move or delete
  4. Tap the Move or Delete option found near the bottom
  5. If moving, you'll be prompted to choose an existing folder or create a new one. If deleting, you'll be prompted to confirm the deletion.

Local files can also be deleted by tapping the More icon on the ticket view, and selecting the Delete option.

I feel a bit dumb right now… :S

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Not to hijack this, but I don’t see the option to select. When I see my network share I have the option to select and then the only other option is to delete. When I go into that share (with all my movies) and click the “…” I don’t see the option to select. Just 'add to favourites".

Creating and moving items into folders is only available for local files, at least for right now.

Sorry to bump this thread, but is there a way to add artwork to a folder?


Yes, simply add a jpg/png image named ‘folder’ to the folder you wish to set artwork for.

These can be either local or remote folders.