Infuse 3.2 - tiny subtitles after the update (MKV/ASS)

Hi all,

I’ve updated to Infuse 3.2 Pro from 3.1 Pro yesterday, and ever since then the subtitle size is very small.

I tried changing the subtitle size in settings (during playback), but it doesn’t appear to do anything (as if the setting was stuck on “small”).

Is anyone facing a similar issue?


Having the same issue with anime series. Can’t adjust the size either. But on TV series it’s ok. Please fix it asap.

Any reply from the support team?

We’ve tracked down the issue, and put in a fix that will be available in the 3.2.2 update (3.2.1 with a few other fixes was submitted to Apple last week, and should be available in the next few days).

Sorry for the trouble.

thank you so much James for the reply… looking forward to 3.2.2

Infuse can not the styled ASS subtitle from Desktop rendering.

Does the 3.2.1 update been submitted to apple already? Cause it’s still tiny subtitles even with the 3.2.1 update. Thanks

3.2.2 which includes a fix for small subtitles in some cases has been submitted to Apple today.

Thanks for your patience!

Thanks. Looking forward to it.

Having this issue too, tracked down to here, looking forward for the new version to be available.

It’s out and fixes the problem - thanks!

The fix is only for infuse pro, not for “infuse 3” with in-app purchases? Saw the first one get updated but the next one not.

The update for both versions was submitted at the same time last week (within the same minute even) but for whatever reason Apple decided to review and approve Infuse Pro first. Hopefully the approval for Infuse 3 won’t be too far behind.

Understood, thanks a lot.

3.2.2 was just approved, and should be available shortly.

Thanks for your patience!

Thanks a lot, got the update, it’s very strange. I attached the subtitle file I used for example.

The problem before is, the font is very small for all subtitles. But with the new updates, I can see some of them are normal now. But the problem is, it’s only for the beginning, take the sample subtitle, the titles seem to be fine for lines above 75. After those, the subtitles are all missing. I cannot see any subtitle on the screen, even the small fonts.

Thanks - we’re continuing work to improve SSA/ASS support, so we’ll definitely take a look and see what we can find.

Yes james please improve SSA/ASS subtitle. As on VLC Desktop :slight_smile: