Infuse 3.1 Pro 10bit playback very bad

Hi i have today for 8,99€ Infuse 3 Pro bought. But the player can not good 10bit playback :frowning: Many framedrops loss and not support SSA/ASS full styling. My devices iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.1.1 and iPad Air 2 iOS 8.1.1

Please reply james :frowning:

I have only 3 photos made. I can not more photos uploaded ‘‘The selected file image.jpg could not be uploaded. The file is 293.87 KB which would exceed your disk quota of 1 MB.’’

Infuse 3.0.2 Pro and from rivalry Player

Why you not reply :’(

Same issue on ipad mini retina.

When comes the update, for this huge error??

Hi james come the fix update for this problem, by Infuse 3.1 in January 2015??

New update from Infuse 3.1. But ever this big frame loss whyy??? And Infuse 3.1 can not SSA/ASS full styling. Please optimized Hardware Decoder for iPad Air 2 Triple Core A8X. Because Hardware Decoder from Infuse very very lag by 10bit playback. Player with Software Decoder are better than Infuse!!

I’ve had the same issue. When 10-bit support was announced, I tried it out, but it just didn’t work right. I had the same issues as you did with video freezing and tons of graphical glitches. This was on my iPhone 6.

We’re looking into a few cases where playback can be less than ideal.

Additionally, full support for styled ASS subtitles will be added in the next update (3.2).

Hi james and my idea good?? The combination Hardware + Software?? By development possible??

Just like me. Not good many artifact by 10bit playback. Subtitle is incorrect
shown!! Why??