Infuse 2 - Support for flac, wav etc

Hi there - finally got around to purchasing Infuse 2, but did so because it advertises flac,wav and other audio file compatibility (audio, not embedded in video).

I can browse to and see my audio files, but they are greyed out - videos from the same share play fine. Am I missing something?

Many thanks guys

Hmm - where did you that? I have just looked at the App store description and cannot see any mention of the pure audio formats. I would like them myself but do not see any mentioned.

Are you by any chance getting infused with inFuse for the ATV2 which DOES play audio only formats?

If I am right and such audio formats are not currently supported it would be nice to know if there are plans for this in a future release.

If I’m confused, then the site is confusing - down the bottom, to the left of the Dolby Digital logo

I agree with you - the web site definitely implies it should work.   I just tried some .mp3 files off a share and they are also greyed out.  Looks like the audio formats are only supported when embedded in a video file? 

Good to know it’s not just me - just FLAC support would be adequate - any chance, developers?

I would also like to have Infuse play audio only files. I just sent them a request for this by e-mail.

It is odd that they claim that Infuse plays all those different audio file formats, but they would need to be embedded in video files !

Infuse is really desgined for videos, so what the site shoud say is audio tracks (I think that’s what the old page said anyways). I’ll see if we can get that updated to avoid confusion in the future.

We don’t really have any immediately plans to enable audio only playback in Infuse, thought it’s not outside the realm of possibility since we have it enabled in Infuse for Apple TV.

James - that would be very nice, if you could look into adding the functionality, I’d be more than grateful - plus feel a bit less misled!

Season’s Greetings

I came here looking for support for the same thing. I have been a user of Infuse and ATV Black on Apple TV2 for quite a while, and bought Infuse for iOS as a perfect replacement for the previous player I had been using. I had seen Audio formats listed on the Infuse page including MP3 and FLAC, it certainly never occured to me that they would only be playable as embedded audio streams in video files, and not playable standalone as on the Apple TV version. Pretty disappointed and very surprised that such an obvious capability was overlooked - i seems like it’s 99% there…

Wish I had seen this thread before I installed Infuse. I didn't need it for video, was hoping it would offer a bit more stable platform for streaming my ipad/iphone to my audio system which has no video display. Another paid app I now have little use for. 

I feel tricked. When I purchased Infuse 4 Pro the app store title said it’s for all your media. I want to play mp3, which is a pretty common format. Now this thread says that this is supported only on Apple TV. That would be lovely but it does not work at all.

Yep, it does play all your media, as long as all your media is video only, because who would want to play music with a “media player” in 2016? Nothing misleading about it at all :stuck_out_tongue:

The site still lists support for audio tracks as: FLAC, MP3, OGG, WMA. Just don’t expect it to play them.