Infuse 2 playback skipping issue

I downloaded the free version of Infuse 2 yesterday and transfered an MKV via itunes file sharing into the app. When i tried to play the file i was asked to purchase the pro verision which i did. Afterwards i tired playing my MKV tv show and all that happened was that I had a blank screen with the time jumping from 0:00:00 to 2:12:00 to 5:16:00 and so on. Is there something im doing wrong here? I then convertered the same tvshow using an apple cert. converter (into an MP4 i think) and then transfered it again via itunes and was getting the same issue.

Is anyone else having the same issues? Any help would be appriciated



So sorry about that…it may be an issue specific to that file.

If there’s any way could run the video through MediaInfo and post the specs (or open a support ticket) we can try and track down what’s going on.

MediaInfo is a free download available at:

I have the exact same issue, just a day before I was watching a tv show (mkv file) with the previous version but now I try to play the same file and this is what happens so obviuosly there’s something wrong with the update and not with the file since it was being played without problems…

is there any way to downgrade??

what a let down!!

This is the info of the media file: Sorry its not in file format.


Thanks - we’ll take a look and see if we can track down what’s going on.

Thanks heaps