Infuse 2 network share shuts down - highly unreliable



I’m sharing from my stationary via Win 7. The network connection from Infuse 2 seems to be very unreliable. Sometimes I can connect as “Guest” and watch movies but sometimes it really does not work at all, especially in case I have shut down Infuse on my Ipad mini. I then need to re-do the share-saving but most of the time this even does not work.

Normally the error message “Your operation could not be completed” shows and sometimes “…wrong login and/or password…” It seems that the connection times out or something.


Please help! I really want to get Infuse 2 with Airplay to work!


All other shares in the house works, e.g. from XBMC on my AppleTV2 and also from XBMC from my Ipad2 (not the mini) so I really don’t think the problem lies with my stationary computer.

Finally I got it to work! Apparently win7 (or Infuse, I don’t know which yet) did not save my login credentials as ‘Guest’. I set up a Windows account login and psw in Win7 and entered that data in Infuse - voila! Everything works as a charm. Now I’m just waiting anxiously for Infuse to import meta-data and “watched” status before I finally ditch XBMC! WOL would be a nice feature as well come think of it…

Glad to hear you’re up and running. :slight_smile: