Infuse 2 - Movie Library

Some questions:

Movie / Series Library, is this possible? Do I have to add file by file?

I would like to add a folder full of Series or Movies, how do I do that?

The app already sees the Share, but It doesn’t work as in the Infuse for ATV.

Please explain…

So far I haven’t been able to add files to the Infuse library, only browse the shares and play videos.

I need to know how to add movies and series to the library from shares.


Same here. Wondering the same thing. 

this is the issue im getting, i have added the shared drives but the meta data isnt populating like it does on my apple tv. any help would be awesome!!!

I’m having g the same issue on iPhone and iPad

On Twitter they said its going to be a “feature” of an future update…so i’m going to wait for that until i start using the App its kind of a deal breaker basically for everyone who uses some sort of file sharing.


I have a feeling that this app will get in app purchases for each feature they add.