Infuse 2 is not Free to previous 1.5 purchaser

I bought Infuse when it first came out and was pleased to see that Firecore were going to make the pro features of the 2.0 

Anyone who downloads Infuse prior to the release of version 2 can get the Pro features for free.”  

When I do this it takes me to the iTunes Store and wants to charge me full price.

Am I doing something wrong?

Sorry for the confusion.

What you will want to do is first update to Infuse 2.0 then tap the ‘Restore’ option once the purchase prompt appears. Doing this will allow you to upgrade without paying again.

Thanks James,  I re-installed 1.5 and then did and upgrade on my iphone.  Now it shows a tick against Infuse Pro2.0 in the Setting menu and streaming from Shares works.


Yay! :slight_smile:

James, I cannot manage to re-download Infuse 1.5 to get my upgrade. I’m nearly certain I purchased it before the move to free. Can you help me?

You shouldn’t actually need to re-install 1.5, just install 2.0 and tap the Restore button on the purchase prompt (if it appears).

You should get a message that says something like ‘you already purchased this, tap to redownload’.


So if I don’t receive this message, I didn’t buy the correct version? Oh well, not that big a deal.

Possibly yes. When was the original purchase made? Do you recall if the Infuse Pro item was activated in the previous 1.5 version?

What do you mean by the “Pro item” in 1.5? I’m still on iOS 6.1 but I want to be sure all my ducks are in a row for when it comes time to upgrade to 7.0.

Hi there

Got the same problem here. I bought Infuse (1.0) the day it was released. I didn’t activate the Pro features in 1.5 an did the upgrade with iTunes. When I read davidw.0461’s poste I downgraded to 1.5. There opens a pop-up telling me, that I can get the version 2.0 for free including all the Pro features.

When I hit the “Activate” button I’m asked to buy the Pro features for 5 bucks. Same when I hit the “Restore” button.

Any suggestions?

Just to clarify, there are 2 paths to upgrading to Infuse Pro for free.

When Infuse 2 was announced in October (, we added the Infuse Pro In-App purchase at set the price to free until Infuse 2 was made available. From what we saw, most users used this path to ‘purchase’ Infuse Pro for free. This method is no longer available (well it is, but it’s not free) since Infuse Pro now costs $4.99

As a fallback, in Infuse 2 we’re using receipts to detect which version of Infuse was oriignall purchased. If 1.5 or earlier was your first version, simply tapping the Restore button on the purchase prompt should skip over the In-App purchase step and just unlock the Pro features for you.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your help.

That’s how it worked out for me:
I downgraded to 1.5 (using iTunes)
Opened the AppStore on my device (iPad)
Updated infuse 1.5 to 2.1

Tada! Pro features work!

When I use iTunes to upgrad, there won’t be any Pro features.

By the Way: great app so far! Love the steaming from my NAS.

I can confirm that Fechado is absolutely right.  I got a new Ipad to replace my old Ipad One that had Infuse 1.5.  On my new Ipad Air I installed infuse 2.1 but could not get it to upgrade to pro without paying again.  I followed the advice in the previous post and:

1 Downgraded to 1.5 using iTunes and the old version I had saved

  1. Upgraded on the iPad using the AppStore aplication (NOT itunes)

And the Pro features now work.  

Thanks for a useful post.

So, I purchase v.1.2 back in may.  I now have 2.1 and I hit restore, and is asking me to pay again.  Please can some one help me with this issue, since I already pay the 4.99