Infuse 2 Free Question

Is the free version of Infuse 2 supposed to play all the formats or only some?  I've tried several files (that I downloaded onto my iPad) and it only played those that were converted to play on an iPad.  The other files didn't say I needed to upgrade or anything, they just said "Loading..." for at least 10 minutes and then I gave up.  I'm willing to pay for it, but only if I'm sure it's going to play what I want it to play without having to convert the files.  If this is an intended limitation of the free version, it should say that somewhere on the app page in the app store or at the very least tell me I need to upgrade to play the file. 

Also how many of you are having problems watching videos with subtitles?  I saw the post about some files not playing correctly with subtitles and I'm hearing impaired, so watching without the subtitles isn't an option for me.

I uninstalled Infuse 2 and reinstalled it and at least some of the videos I couldn't play are now working fine.  I haven't tried all of them yet, but so far the ones I have tried (that I tried previously) are working fine.  Not sure what the deal was, but everything seems okay now.  


I would still like to know how many are having issues with subtitles.  I am currently half way through watching a movie and I have had no problems, but mostly I've just been watching a couple of minutes of everything trying to make sure they play.

Hi - welcome to the forum.

What you're describing is a little strange, and definitely not intended behavior.

The free version of Infuse will play quite a bit, and if you try to use a feature or play a video that requires Pro you will see an upgrade prompt with more details.

The good news is we're wrapping up a pretty major 2.3 update this week, so with any luck it will be available in the App Store very, very soon.

Thanks for your response.  I still don't know why it was doing that before, it seems fine now.  In fact, everything is working so well that I paid for the pro version.  Can't wait to see the update!