Infuse 2 does not play any videos.

Hey There,


i download Infuse 2.1 on my iPhone 5S. installed it all well.

i am able to connect to my home sever where all my movies Library is, i save it as a share.

and i can go into the folders, see all the movies.

when i click “Play”, or select a movie to play, it takes me to “up grade to Infuse Pro”

what am i doing wrong?

i am trying to play MP4 videos, or .MOV.

i understand that the free version is limited but, it does not play anything.


can anyone please help me.




The ability to stream movies from a remote system as you are attempting to do is one of the Pro features.

In order to play videos using the Free version you have to first copy the whole movie onto the iPhone/iPad.



thank you for your input.

i am not remotely trying to stream videos. both the PC, where the movies are, and my iphone are on the same network.

so i tis streaming, but not remotely.

so basically, i have a PC with movies on it, and on the same net work, i have my iphone 5.

i can see it on my share network, i can enter it using the user and password i set up, i can even enter the folders where the movies are.


but can not play them. the message says: “you need to upgrade to Infuse Pro”

something is wrong here. i should be able to pay few formats with the free version while on the same net-work–i believe.


please help.



No - the ability to Stream (play videos directly off the network) is only available in the Pro version.  This applies even on your home network.  With the free version you have to first copy the media on to your device before attempting to play them.

so basically, the free version worth nothing. pretty much.


let me ask you please another question:  with the pro-version, you can stream outside of your network?

i mean, if i have a window 7 machine and have movies on it.

now, i going to visit my uncle and connect to his net work, and would like to stream the movies which are on my windows 7 PC and view them on my ipad, while i am over my uncle’s place.

can the pro-version deliver this?

There is no special support required for this (or included with inFuse) other than support for Streaming from the network.  It is merely a case of setting up your router correctly to support inbound connections on the correct internet address + ports and with the right port forwarding settings to your network shares.   This seems to works fine for me.

i already set up my router. took me 3 minutes and am able to stream while im in the net work easily and flawlessly, and also remotely (please lets clarify, remotly means from OUT OF YOUR NETWORK).

streaming can be within, or out of your network, remotely means ONLY out of your net work.

i am trying to find out from your experience what is the capabilities of Infuse app.

can you stream remotely?

as i learned here, to stream/play videos within your own network requires Pro feature.




sorry, i forgot to meantion that when i set up my router, and now able to sream within the net work and remotely, is via another app.

it is called “Stream to me”.





I have the same issue as the OP.

How does one copy the video file onto the iPhone/iPad?

And how does one then locate the copied file using the Infuse 2 UI?

Full details on adding videos to Infuse can be found here.