Infuse 2 and NAS

Hi there, I’m very happy with this new release. Infuse 2 found my NAS, on my Home wi fi connection and was able to stream on my iPad Air.

Now the question is:

Is it possible to “reach” my NAS from outside my Home Wi fi, using 3G, or a wifi created by my iPhone, or a wifi at work/friend?

If Yes, how?

Thank you and best regards.

We haven’t tested this, but in theory it could be possibe.

Synology offers the DDNS Service which is desgined to do exactly what you’re after, so we’ll see if we can get a chance to test it.


That’s it. I was trying this way but got some error message :slight_smile:

are you sure you opened up the ports in your firewall? I googled a bit and found these, but I would not want to open up a share to the internet:


Port 137 UDP (NetBIOS name service)

Port 138 UDP (NetBIOS datagram service)

Port 139 TCP (NetBIOS Session service)

Port 445 TCP and UDP (“Direct Hosted” TCP)