Infuse 2 and Ipad Air


Sorry for my english but i’m french and so i speak english like a tourist (!)

First, congratulations for infuse 2, great work.

But i’ve got a problem.

I connect to play movie from my NAS (NAS Ve-Hotech).

On my iphone 4S, there is no problem, it’s OK and it is connecting very fast.

But from my Ipad Air it is very long, about one minute to see shared folders.

I can play movies but when i turn back to shares folders, it’s taking about one minute again to see any files.

Anyone can help me ?

Thanks so much…and i am very impatient to see next updates !

Are you using both devices in the same location?

The only time we’ve seen slow loading times for remote shares is when the Wi-Fi signal is low, or there is other interference.

Yes every devices are one the same location and the wifi signal is excellent.
With my iPad 2 there is also no problem to connect infuse 2 with is only with the iPad air.

Are both devices running the same version of iOS?

We have an Air as well as the new retina mini here and haven’t seen any difference in speed compared to the older models. In fact the Air seems to be a little bit faster all around with regard to transfers over Wi-Fi.