Infuse 2 - Adding from Share

Hi James

Love the new look and feel of the Infuse app and good to see network shares now included.

Am I right in thinking that at the moment there’s no way to download content to iPhone/iPad from network share, only to stream directly ?

If not can you please consider adding option to download to device from network share in the next release? Without that I still can’t see Infuse becoming my app of choice to play content when going away as need to sync via computer etc is cumbersome.



There seems to be some real limitations with this app versus its Apple TV equivalent – see the Suggestions folder, as this and other features like embedded artwork & meta data aren’t showing on files stored on a NAS share.

That’s correct. For the time being, Infuse 2 will allow for streaming content from shares but not transferring.

This is some that is in the works, and should be available soon…probably version 2.2-ish.

Great thanks James