Infuse 2.3 BUGs and suggestions

I just updated to Infuse 2.3 on my iphone 5s 7.1.1.


There is a bug when scraping cover art of individual folders.   I have a movie folder with folders of movie folders.


  - Movies Group A

     - Movie 1

     - Movie 2

     - etc

  - Movies Group B

     - Movie 1

     - etc


When I went into the Movies Group A folder and scraped for the first time all the cover art meta data was correct.  I then went into Movies Group B and Infuse begin to scrap for coverart.  All of the cover art meta data came back as garbage or bizarre pictures.  There was no '.jpg' files in the movie folders.  This was what Infuse was scraping from the net.

I then quit the app and restarted and tried to rescrap Movies Group B folder.  It worked.

A side note to the above bug.  If you do get garabaged meta data there is no way to refresh it except for deleting all meta data and starting over.  This is no good.  There should be a refresh for individual movies.  


I see that you now have added user configurable convert art (.jpg) in the movie folders.  Although its a nice feature I am sharing a database with XBMC and plex.  Infuse is seeing my XBMC fan art and using that as the cover art.  This is no good!!!  Can you add a disable custom cover art toggle in the settings?  On top of that, many torrents put their own '.jpg' advertisement files in the movie folders.  With this new version of Infuse 2.3 I have to go thru all my movie folders and delete all the '.jpg' files :(

It would be a nicer GUI if the refresh spinners where actually on the movie thumbnails instead of the hidden pull down.

Serveral months ago I made a suggestion that it would be extremely helpful if you actually put a 'download' button on the movie meta data page (next to Close, Share, Play).  This is much nicer than just looking at a list of movies in the download section by title only.  I would like to know more about the movie before I download.  It's a pain to switch back and forth.  I hope this gets implemented soon!  


You guys added some nice features but the app has taken a step backward in usability.  Fixing the above things will make it AAA again.

Feel free to contact me if you need more info on the meta data scraping bug.






I have this same problem.

Still subtitles problem, when playing with subtitles on the movie crashes at the end (about 5 min left)

Has the dev team verified the scraping bug? It happens all the time making the not very usable (garbaged thumbnails).

I can confirm I've seen this too, though only sporadically. Most of the time the correct cover art is downloaded (for me at least).

It also doesn't appear to affect the list view mode at all, interestingly. Suggests it's a local (code) issue, rather than to do with the remote service (tmdb, thetvdb).

It happens all the time for me rendering the app unusable in its current state. I hope they fix the bug soon because its an awesome when it's working. 

We've made a few changes in metadata fetching logic for the upcoming version that will hopefully address this issue.

Thanks for your patience. :)

Thanks for keeping us updated on the bug.  I look forward to the new version :)

Continuous playback shows all subtitles from that tv-show not just the selected episode on my iPad 2. Stopping and restarting the episode brings the right subs in the selection menu.

When can we expect the next version with a fix?  I was hoping for a hot fix by now.   The app is currently a pain in the butt to use now.