Infuse 2.2 App Crash Loading Movie Folder

Infuse 2.2 network share issue

i have my NAS connected fine and all details are entered correctly i have a movie folder and a tv show folder,

I seem to be able to play my tv shows fine, but when i even try to load my movie folder it crashes the the infuse app every time in both the main (grid) window and the Add Files windows, i do have over 260 movies which shouldnt really be an issue i can see.

infuse 2.2

i have narrowed it down,

It seems that anything more than 120 movies in one folder seems to crash the app, 

if i spilt my movie collection into 3 seperate folders it seems to load ok and play fine, if i go above 120+ films in any one folder it constantly crashes the app when trying to browse to that folder.

Same issue here,

Infuse 2.2. crashes everytime I try to access a shared folder on  my Mac.


I am having the same problem. On a Synology NAS. 120 or more items in any one folder crashes the Infuse iOS app. I already categorize much content into specific folders, but it would be great to be able to have the ability to put significantly more than 120 items into a folder.