Infuse 2.1 suggestions

  1. Browse videos from a share in cover view like the view for downloaded videos. (Same as infuse for Apple TV) This could be an option alongside the current folder view.
  2. Enable meta data download from tv db and movie db for videos streamed from share. Artwork, actors, description etc.
  3. Pull trakt status for viewed videos for downloaded and streamed videos.
  4. Allow downloading directly from nas. Browse as in point 1 but have an option to download locally.


+1 on this.  I expected that cover art and meta data (embedded in the movie file or downloaded from 3rd party sources) would be viewable for my mp4 files stored in a NAS share.  Right now, 2.0 only provides a simple file list view, which isn’t any better than what’s already out there, from the likes of the venerable FileBrowser app or others.

Really looking forward to seeing these changes in an upcoming rev, as I’ve enjoyed the Apple TV variant of this app over the years.

Thanks for the suggestions. We’re hoping to integrate many of them in a future version, but they probably won’t make it into 2.1 - which we’re hoping to available before the App Store shuts down for Christmas.

Allowing users to view upnp shares (such as xbmc) would be a good Xmas present as this evils also allow poster/fan art viewing etc as xbmc will have already scraped, downloaded and organised the files accordingly :wink:

Come on James,
Give us millions of xbmc users a reason to pull the trigger on going pro :wink:

will it be possible to download in the background directly from the nas  or will the download break up if the iphone goes to sleep mode etc  ? 

We’ll see what we can do. :slight_smile:

It’s not clear yet how much backgrounding we’ll be able to do with NAS downloads…but we’ll try and make the most of it. :slight_smile:

Can you add to movie in 2 subtitles same times?

Example: English and Russian language subtitles view movie in same time

I did it with Movist for Mac App