Infuse 2.0: to buy or not to buy

So, Infuse 2.0 is coming this fall and will be a free update for current users.

How much will the app cost once it gets out? Will the Pro features be available as in app purchase? Or If I just wait for 2.0, will I get all the features?

This is a little confusing, I’ve been waiting for the pro features to buy Infuse for iOS, right now, I don’t have a real use for it, I need to stream videos from my computer and/or my NAS server.

Can someone clarify this, please, do I need to buy the app now (1.5) and not use it until 2.0 comes out or I could I just wait for 2.0?



Happy to clear this up for you…

Once Infuse 2 becomes available, it will be a free update for the current Infuse app (I.E. it will no be a seperate app).

The Pro features will be available as a seperate In-App purchase.

The final price for the Infuse Pro IAP hasn’t been set yet, but I can say with certainty that it will never be less expensive than it is now ($4.99 app + free IAP).

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Ok. I understand.

I just bought the app. I am planning to use it mainly on my iPad, but can I use it on both iPhone and iPad? The real question is, if I use the free IAP from the iPhone, will I be able to use the pro features on the iPad, later?

Once version 2 is out I will install iOS7 on the iPad, which is jailbroken just to use XBMC.

It would be really cool if Infuse is made available on the Apple TV without a jailbrake, can Firecore make this possible with Apple?

I very much doubt as this could currently happen unless Apple lets the Apple TV have more generic support for third party apps.   For instance there is no facility in the current Apple TV firmware to download apps.  

There have been persistent rumours that at some point Apple may open up the Apple TV to third party apps - and if that happens I am sure FireCore would go down that route as it would give them a much larger potential market.  It would also mean that inFuse could work on ATV 3 (and future models) for which there is no jailbreak.

Yeah, but seing as Apple has opened up for Apps like Infuse, for the iOS, I thought that maybe Apple would let ATV have third party apps someday, just like there are now all the Disney apps and MLB, etc.

I hope, and only hope that Apple let this happen, I’m sure ATV sales will go up if they decide to do it.

Yes. The ‘Infuse Pro’ IAP is tied to your Apple ID, so it can be used accross multiple devices…just like the app itself.

We’re hopeful this will happen someday as well…just no way to tell when that may be.