Infuse 1.4 doesn't airplay .AVI

I have tried airplaying several .avi files (divx and xvid) and Infuse would always direct me to enable Mirroring (which simply can’t provide smooth playback).

It seems that AirPlay can only work with containers such as .mkv, mp4 and m4v which natively support X.264 codec.

Please advice.

Unfortunately there are some formats (including Divx and Xvid) that will require mirroring in order to AirPlay.

In short, any H.264 video, in any container, can be streamed via native AirPlay.

Hi James, thank you for the prompt reply. FireCore rocks! Love your products (ATV Flash and Infuse)

Do you think it will be possible to make Mirroring a smooth as Airplay? Does iPad Mirror better than iPhone 5?

Also, I have tried airplaying large .mkv files (1.8GB - 3.0GB), so far so good! It takes Infuse one mitute before it starts playing, which is normal, but Dolby had to be turned off. However, average size files (up to 1GB with AC3 sound) start airplaying instantly. 

I was looking forward to buying this when it had streaming from a computer but lack of airplay for AVI files is a a dealbreaker, guess i have to go with plex or wait for an untethered jailbreak, Mirroring is terrible

AVI files themselves are actually supported over native AirPlay, it’s what’s inside the AVI file that matters.

As long as the actual video is some type of h.264 format, it will work just fine.

Do I want Infuse on my ATV2 (Jailbroken) or my regular iPad2? And if so on the tethered jb ATV2 how do I get it bc cannot connect to apple store right! And what are the cost differences, $4.99 for iPad but unsure of ATV2?



It depends…

Infuse for iOS (iPad) will allow you to play videos on an iPad, and stream them to an Apple TV via AirPlay. Available in the App Store.

Infuse for Apple TV will allow you to stream videos directly from a Mac, PC or NAS to the Apple TV. Available as part of aTV Flash (black).