Infuce can't find meta data for tv show "Leo Da Vinci"

Hey all,

I am using Infuse for some years now and so far I was always able to find the meta data with your great suggestions here in this forum. Unfortunately this time I have reached my limits and this is why I’m sharing you my situation with you:

I have the TV show “Leo Da Vinci”, 2019 on my local DiskStation. I am using the typical structure for meta data for files & folders and also tried some variations (like with or without subfolders, other names etc.) of it:
Leo Da Vinci 2019 → Season 1 → Leo Da Vinci 2019 S01E01
Leo Da Vinci 2019 → Leo Da Vinci 2019 S01E01
Leo.Da.Vinci.2019 → Season 1 → Leo.Da.Vinci.2019.S01E01
Leo Da Vinci 2019 → Leo Da Vinci 2019 1x01
Da Vinci 2019 → Da Vinci 2019 S01E01
Leonardo Da Vinci 2019 → Leonardo Da Vinci 2019 S01E01

Also manually changing the show data in edit mode isn’t working for me – infuse still can’t find the show within the search:

Am I missing something here or is there a bug?

Infuse no longer uses for metadata scraping, the show would need to be present in TMDB.

I don’t get any TV show results when searching for that show on TMDB, so it is likely that it is just not in the DB and needs to be created.


Seems like I mixed that up then. Thanks @Totalsmokes,

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Unfortunately like someone said earlier, you will have to create one your self into the data base. I had the same issue with dragon ball z the ocean dub verison, so I had to create it myself. now it’s on there forever :+1:t4:

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