Influse 3 few enhancements

Hi guys, awesooome wooork with the v3 of infuse i have been waiting for a long time …

I think it would be good to give some review to the following items:

  1. Better list / cover view navigation:
  • It still rally slow (i running on iPhone 5s) the images mmm probably not catching fine a lots of repaints / reflows (im get around 400 movies in my storage).
  • I think the infuse scans the directory each time (this took a very very long time … probably manual refresh goes fine at this point).
  • Availability to filter the list / cover view (for movie find). Sometimes its gets wired to find the movie was looking for.
  • Availability to navigate using letters (A-Z) / last releases/ recently added / / genre / stars.
  • TV Shows still buggy (bad covers scan / displays).
  1. Subtitles change their font-size according the movie resolution (720 / 1080) … im using ATV3 with AirPlay.
  2. Generally by default infuse select the stereo track … will be grat to select the best track available.
  3. Will be great to store matadata in the icloud for easy sync over the devices.

woow, feeeew … but they are the things I found … and I hope you find them useful !!!