Infinite Reboot only with Media Player Installed

My Apple TV 2 went into an infinite reboot after crashing. I get the spinning wheel, which eventually leads to a reboot, and so on.

I’ve found that the problem is the Media Player. When I run the following commands to remove the various applications the system boots into the interface correctly.


     apt-get remove beigelist

     apt-get autoremove


I can then run the following command to reinstall or I’ve installed, from Windows and the Mac, the various components (Nito, XBMX, Maintenance) and the system still boots correctly.


apt-get install beigelist com.nito.nitotv org.xbmc.xbmc-atv2


Only when I install Media Player from within Maintenance do I get the crash and infinite reboot.

I’ve also noticed that all of my previous settings and Add-ons are still in the system, even after removing XBMC, Nito and Maintenance. I’ve tried restoring the system with seas0npass but no matter what I do it fails.

  1. Any ideas/tips on Media Player crashing?

  2. How can I uninstall/reinstall the various components back to default (lose all of my configs and add-ons)




Hello guys,

I have the exact same problem. It took me a few weeks and different versions of jailbreak to realise that it must be something to do with the content of the network share I connect to the Media app.

The Media app reads files from a Time Capsule and I may have too many files as the .thumbnails directory created by the app on the Apple TV becomes massive…

Not really sure what’s happening - how can I help get this resolved, or possibly find a workaround?


I had a similar problem and it turned out to be a particular file.

You might want to consider raising a support request as documented at When I did so then FireCore were able to identify the problem causing the problem. Hopefully they are also using such reports to make the Media Player more robust against such issues.