Individual season artwork refresh


I use infuse for a long time using a direct connection with my NAS using SMB and since a few weeks, i started using a Jellyfin server.
The connection between Infuse and Jellyfin is perfect, no major issues, every movies and shows sync.

I only have one issue for tv show artwork.

In jellyfin, for a few of my tv shows, the artworks were not the best and i changed it manually on jellyfin.
Then, on Infuse I refreshed all metadatas to get all the new artworks.

It worked except for one thing, season artwork.

For example, the first tv show on the list is Archer with 14 seasons.
The show artwork and each season artwork were not the best (Jellyfin show the seasons list like infuse used to do, with and artwork for each, not a combobox like now). I manually updated the artwork of the show and for each of the 14 seasons on jellyfin.

Then on Infuse, I updated the metadatas and saw the new show artwork but can’t verify if the artwork for individual seasons was good (not possible on infuse…or I don’t know how).
I started to watch de first few episodes and the show appears on a list called “In progress” (in french it’s “En cours”) on the homepage. This is a list from Jellyfin i think and it shows the tv shows that i started.

In that list, infuse shows individual season with its own artwork, and there i see the old artwork, the one from the first sync with incorrect artwork. I have to long press the artwork and “Refresh” to get the updated artwork from jellyfin. But I have to do this for each season, when it appaers on the “In progress” list.
I tried to refresh the entire tv show but that doesn’t update each season artwork.

Edit : I’m using Library mode between infuse and jellyfin

Looks like today’s update fixed it.
A season artwork updated itself after I launched infuse 7.7.6