Indexing Plex failing [ATV]

Infuse version: Pro 6.6.3
Plex Version:
ATV 4K, tvOS v14

I noticed that a bunch of movies I had removed from my media server were still showing up in Infuse. I cleared my metadata, hoping that would solve it. Instead, all of my metadata was gone, in addition to all of the home screen lists (recently added, on deck, unwatched, etc). When I tried to refresh the metadata, it kept giving me a “indexing failed” message.I tried deleting and re-adding the Plex share (I connect directly to plex), but that didn’t fix it. On my home screen, all I’m seeing is the icons for Library and my Plex server.

Plex server and player app are working fine. I did recently update my Plex server, so that might have something to to with it. Any suggestions?