Indexing Issues with Google Drive

I have been experiencing indexing issues with Google Drive through Infuse 5.6.


  • On my iPhone Infuse Library, only 4 TV Episodes and 1 Movie are showing up, when the number should be more like 10,000 and 200. It’s been “Fetching content for Google Drive” for 11 days now.

IPAD & Apple TV:

  • On my iPad & Apple TV Infuse Libraries, it is showing more accurate numbers, but I’ve recently lost an unexplainable 160 movies. In other words, it was doing fine, but now has gone backward and removed a set of movies.
  • iPad is also categorising a lot of TV Shows as movies. I have set “use embedded metadata” to on, but it doesn’t seem to have helped. I have to go through and tell each video to “use embedded metadata” independently, which is very slow and time consuming on the iPad. I also have a lot of TV Episodes that are showing up in the “Other” library.
  • Metadata Changes that I make on my iPad don’t show up on my Apple TV, even though iCloud is enabled on both devices. Also have been waiting 11 days to see if changes will sync, but they haven’t to date.

Sidenote: I also am a Plex Pass subscriber and am loving how accurately Plex indexes my TV Shows and Films from Google Drive; but Plex Cloud has been touch-and-go lately, and the Infuse app player has been infinitely more reliable. Is there a way to send a Plex file to Infuse for viewing on iOS or tvOS devices?

If there are any more specifics I can provide to help troubleshoot this, I would really appreciate it.

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Which version of Infuse are you using? The newer 5.6.1+ versions have a number of improvements aimed at speeding up metadata fetching, and keeping library sizes more reasonable.

We have also gotten a handful of reports from people to have seen some throttling by Google Drive, especially when attempting to index larger libraries, so this could also be a factor here.

Lastly, Infuse is able to stream from a Plex server using DLNA - so, if you have this content already added in Plex you should be able to point Infuse there and let it scan - which may actually be a bit quicker.

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Thanks for your response, James.

I’m on Infuse 5.6.2. I’ve attached screenshots of my iPad and iPhone library settings to show the issue.

I hear what you’re saying with Google drive throttling information from its servers, but in this instance the files are showing up on Infuse, but are not being placed in the right libraries on each device. Would this mean that the indexing issue is on the app’s end? You’ll notice on the iPhone most files are appearing are under “other” as opposed to “TV” or “Movies” and the same issue doesn’t exist on the iPad, where files are being indexed more accurately (although there are still 2000-some under “other” on the iPad that I would like to have a quicker way of batch sorting, instead of editing data one by one)

Also in terms of using Plex; Plex Cloud (which allows me to stream via Google Drive) unfortunately doesn’t support DNLA, it’s only available when using a local server. With this being the case, is there no other way to get a stream from Plex to Infuse?

Thanks again for taking the time to read and respond earlier. I’m absolutely loving Infuse so far, even with some of these hiccups. Particularly for the Apple TV.

I’m on the latest version of Infuse, 5.6.6, and subscribed to lifetime pro a couple days ago. All of my media is in Google Drive. It takes a long time to index the content. It took about two whole days of doing nothing on the Apple TV in order to index around 21k items. In that time I was also API banned once for 16 hours. The most difficult part, though, is that any time even just a handful of new content is added, I have to wait a solid hour or more to see it. Also, forget about ever trying to open a favourite folder (vs a favourite library); they just simply do not open unless it’s a small folder with 100 items (even that takes a couple minutes). The status feedback is also frustratingly vague: if I at least knew what was happening during fetching, I’d feel better, but most of the time I’m in the dark, just hoping content is being discovered, because sometimes it’s not. I also have no idea what happens when I accidentally uncheck and then recheck the checkmark next to favourite folder names. Does all that progress start over?

There’s next to nothing installed on my Apple TV, so there’s plenty of space. Given the amount of time it takes to create libraries in Infuse, it’s really a deterrent in doing this on more than one device, especially considering I’m 100% guaranteed to be API banned again if I do. Infuse is definitely busting at the seams, so to speak, when dealing with much larger scale. It would be great if this were optimized.