Indexing failing

I recently started getting a indexing failed after I try to scan for change With infuse ver 4.3.3 on my Apple TV What I have to do to correct this is delete the share and go through all the steps to add a new share to get the app to work again. Any help would be appreciated.

I have been facing the same problem. Constantly my infuse app is showing me error in loading data and later indexing fail. I have deleted my share and added it again but in vain. I have also deleted the app and reinstalled it but still same problem occurs. Please help.

I am having the same issue too.

I’m having the same problem as well.

When you get the failed to index error is the share that failed on a NAS or a computer? If computer, type (Mac / PC)?

WD My Cloud

Are you experiencing both the error loading the share and the indexing or is is just one or the other? Will it load if you retry it again? Will it successfully index if you retry it?

Both loading the share and indexing. Will not load or index upon retry.

So is infuse not working at all now for you or how do you get back to being able to view the shares?

I have had some issues with the wake on lan from infuse but can get back into the share by a couple of different gyrations. Most of my issues are with the shares on a networked iMac if the Mac is fully asleep (not just monitor sleep, a deep sleep) but I too have a MyCloud and occasionally it errors but it will read after waiting about 30 seconds for the MyCloud to wake up completely after the first attempt. It’s almost like Infuse doesn’t send the first wake packet when you try to open the share sometimes. I’m just guessing but I know what I’ve found to work for me.

I found that if I don’t have ITunes open and connected to my NAS (WD My Cloud) I don’t get the indexing error when using Infuse on my Apple TV.

I’m using infuse pro through my Apple tv4 . I do not have iTunes open. Still unable to index.

Could you answer my above post? Still trying to figure out what you have going on.

I can still watch movies from the public tab but the library won’t load or update new content. And I get an error if I attempt to watch movies from the library. I have 2 apple tv4’s same on both.

Sounds like you’re having authentication issues with the NAS and Infuse. Have you tried setting the shared folders on the WDMyCloud to public access “ON” with no password needed? Also are you using smb or DLNA to connect to your nas?

Also, is “media sharing” on or off on the WD settings for the shares you’re trying to access?

Dear Infuse,

I have got the same problem.

Without any reason (no changes to my home network via my pc), I can no longer access my movies via my apple tv4.

Please give us a solution for this problem.

Reset Apple tv4 + reset router → fixed

I went to the WD Desktop on my pc and entered a simple pass word for the WD1 Mycloud (Smb) and saved it. Went back to apple tv opened the WD1Mycloud (smb) using the password and saved the public folder for that share. It worked, all of my movies and data downloaded and I haven’t had anymore trouble indexing for 2 weeks now.

I have the same problem with the same properties. It’s worked then today not working…
How do you solved?