Indexing failed


Im a pro user, and I only use infuse by the plex service. But now it’s the 4. Time it’s getting Indexing failed over a couple of months.

I know I do not pay lots for the infuse app, but I payed for a year. And when I pay it should work properly!

It’s not working on atv or phone.
The plex app is working fine and no settings has been changed.

If infuse is depending on plex not to change setting or something I do not thing infuse shall have the plex feature…

It’s so annoying it’s not working.

So something else I have noticed, the plex atv app can update changed in seconds but infuse takes forever. So if I watch a movie on my iPad and goes to the infuse atv app to continue, I have to wait sometimes minutes before it has updated the changes.

Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the trouble.

There have been a handful of reliability improvements for Plex (and others) in recent updates. To take advantage of these, you may try using the ‘Connect to Plex’ option to re-authenticate with Plex. Note: This will not affect your saved shares or favorites.