Indexing failed

Having the ATV4 connected to a Synology 916 with NFS via WiFi running Infuse 5.2.2.
Since two days I cannot watch anything and get “Indexing Failed” when it is trying to synch.

Have sent in a report to FireCore but until I get an answer…does anyone have a clue what can be wrong.
Not the first time it happens but before it has been enough to reboot ATV and/or the nas. But not this time.

Plex, DSVideo and VLC work just fine.

The problem was that for some reason Infuse could not read the sub folders in my share on the nas where I keep the videos.
It works fine with SMB etc.
What I had to do was to delete the NFS settings on the Synology and re-create it. Now it works again :slight_smile:

One thing though after being forced using Plex, VLC and DSVideo is that I realised how outstanding Infuse has become compared to those products.

Apologies for the slow response, but glad you’re back up and running.

Do reach out if this issue pops up again and we’ll take a deeper look into what is going on here.