Indexing failed using Plex Media Server


I’ve been using Infuse 6 pro as a happy customer for almost a year. Just recently I started experiencing problems where certain new files added to my Plex library don’t show up in Infuse and when manually scanning libraries, I get an error message saying Indexing failed for Plex Media Server. I’m guessing this is the issue. I have quite a huge library. Are there any limitations or is this a bug?

Any fix or update in the pipeline?


OK, so I now tried to delete and re-install the app, and the same issue is there except now all my media is gone from Infuse, since “indexing failed” and it cannot fetch anything. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this issue. Can you please have a look into this. Thanks.

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Sorry you’re having problems but a bit more detail would really help.

What version number of Infuse and tvOS?

Can you connect to the same server via a non Plex connection like SMB?

Is the ATV connected via WiFi or Ethernet?

I’m using the latest version 6.5.4 of Infuse and tvOS 14.2.
I can connect to the same share via SMB. My ATV is connected via Ethernet.

Any help is appreciated! I can always use the Plex app, but the exclusion of DTS-HD and TrueHD decoding is what got me into Infuse, so would love to get this fixed.

Could you make sure you’re following the instructions in the Users Guide for adding a Plex share?

It sounds like something in your original Plex settings may have changed either due to a Plex update or possibly a change in Infuse.

Are you able to log into your Plex server using the above steps in the Users Guide?

Either way, it sounds like Infuse is working, it just needs to be dialed back in for Plex.


Thanks, but I just tried this, and I think it has to do with the size of my main movie library. When adding favourites, I am able to add my “music”, “kids” and “tv shows” library which are all way smaller than my “movies” library. When trying to add my “movies” library it just states “an error occurred. the operation could not be completed”.

Sorry to sound like such a newb but I don’t run Plex.

Doesn’t Plex set access for each library? It sounds like Plex isn’t authorizing your ATV to read that library.

I’ve heard of people with libraries in the 10s of thousands videos and not having any problems.

Edit to add, was reading here and it looks like a place to maybe check.

Thanks, but I have no problem with ATV reading the library. Everything works fine with Plex’s own app, it’s Infuse that all of a sudden stopped reading and indexing the Plex server. All worked well until a while ago, so either its an update in Infuse or in Plex, or then its the size of the library. I have around 2000 movies all full rips of my blu-ray and 4K discs, so that’s quite a bit of storage space, roughly 55 terabytes in all. I’d happy using the Plex app, but Infuse offers a better experience, most notably for me, being able to decode DTS-HD and TrueHD audio, which the Plex app doesn’t do. This is why I started using Infuse in the first place.

Any other thoughts on this? Am I really the only one with this problem?

Did you ever find a fix for this? Having the exact same problem.

I gave up on Plex and moved to Emby. Works like a charm.