Indexing Failed - Seedbox via FTP

I’ve been using Infuse for a few years now and occasionally have had an annoying instance of ‘Indexing failed’. Recently this has been happening maybe 90% of the time. I have a seedbox connected to Infuse via FTP. I can access the seedbox via other methods or apps without any issues but unfortunately Infuse on our Apple TV’s is where we consume the majority of our media. When the error occurs, no content can be watched and the library can’t be updated. I have to delete the connection, restart the seedbox and restart the Apple TV but even then sometimes the issue just repeats itself. Anyone have any ideas why this happens or what can be done about it?

Can’t speak on the Failed Indexing issue but FTP… read the seedbox providers’ FAQs and see if they support WEBDAV, that should be much faster.