Indexing failed on Dropbox

What is this error? How come the token with Dropbox expired and why is it impossible to update?

If you have a chance to send in a report from your device (and open a support ticket) it may help track down what is going on here.

The new 6.0 update released today also has a number of streaming related improvements, which could help.

I updated to version 6 and it happened again. It still works (for now, at least) on Apple TV.

Was it working for a bit on v6 and then stopped?

If you can send in a report from the new app it would help us see what may be going on.

I can’t do that because the ‘email us’ button only works with the iOS Mail app, not other email apps.

It worked on version 6 for five minutes after I installed it. It still works fine on Apple TV.

Today’s 6.0.3 has a handful of improvements for Dropbox, which we think will help with what is going on here.

Can you try updating, and let us know if you see any issues?

Note: You may need to re-add your Dropbox share one last time after installing the update if things don’t start working right away.

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