Indexing failed have to reboot

I have 2 4K Apple TV’s that have been added to my share for over a year recently one of my 2 Apple TV’s will just lose a drive on the share and fail indexing. So I currently have 615 movies and 4K episodes after it refreshes library it will change to 500 movies and less episodes so probably one of the favorited drives but I’m not 100% sure on that. Manually scanning results in an indexing failed after a reboot manually scanning brings all the movies and episodes back.

Again recently started only on 1 device and a reboot is temporary. Newest version of tvOS and infuse

What protocol are you using? SMB, FTP, DLNA, etc?

Are both connected via WiFi or Ethernet?

Is it always the same ATV that gets the error?

Can you just click on the scan for changes button under the library settings after you get the indexing failed?

Are you using any Betas of the tvOS ?

SMB protocol
Always the same ATV
Ethernet on both
14.4 tvOS on both
Clicking scan for changes manually continues to get indexing failed until I reboot and press it again and then my content comes back. Worked for over a year no issues until recently.

I suggest the first thing to check would be go into the share settings on both and compare. Do they both have the same server name and or IP address, mac address entered in the advanced settings, same SMB level settings?

It’s odd that one always works and the other has issues.

One other thing, maybe check to see if you have a static IP assigned for one and not the other on your router?

Everything is fine with the setup both are dhcp both are using the Mac Pro smb share I have using Host name discovered under shares both are the same version of infuse and tvOS

I saw a thread with others having the same issue a few months back didn’t see a resolution though.