"Indexing failed for Plex Media Server"

Whenever I open the app and it performs its update/refresh, the scan completes with “indexing failed for Plex Media Server” however the library appears to be successfully updated. It does this every single time, even after a reboot, and after uninstalling/reinstalling the app.

It also seems to take quite a while to update when first opening Infuse, usually close to five minutes if it’s been longer than a day or two since last opening.

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We have a 5.7.2 update of Infuse awaiting approval from Apple, and with any luck will be available on the App Store very soon.

I’d give this a try once it’s out to see if it helps. If the issue continues, sending in a report and opening a support ticket may help track down what’s going on here.

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Running Infuse 5.9.5 from IPad and having the same issue. I am able to see the movies in the file browser but when I go to the ‘Library’ and Scan for changes I see ‘Indexing failed for PlexServerName

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Sorry to revive an old post, but I’ve been having this exact same problem with Infuse on iOS and tvOS. I figured out that it’s related to the size of the Plex library. When using a small test library in Plex, Infuse has no trouble scanning it. Upon reaching a certain size, Infuse starts throwing the “Indexing Failed” error. I’ve reached the point in my testing that adding any 1 video to my test library will trigger the error within Infuse. Removing any 1 video from the library fixes the issue and allows Infuse to scan again. This appears to be a problem within Infuse. For reference, I have 409 movies and 384 episodes within this test library. Adding any random movie to this library causes Infuse to break. It is quite frustrating.