Indexing failed for Plex Media Server


I’ve been using Infuse Pro on my AppleTV 4K for a few weeks now and love it. Since yesterday, though, I’ve been getting this message and have lost all the plex context from my library.

I run the official Plex app on my AppleTV and it works fine, so no issues with DLNA etc.

I realise that I could access the same content via SMB shares, but, for me, it’s a bit of a mess this way, with much of the content pulling through the wrong metadata and being mis-identified. Also, I’m a heavy user of Plex’s ability to join multiple video files into one and to put additional content, such as deleted scenes and other extras, into the same video folder. This content is a real mess via SMB.

I’m hoping that this issue is simply caused by a recent update to plex media server and that an upcoming change will make it all work again, but I’d be interested to know if it’s a known problem.


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Wanted to chime in that I lost the ability to pull any of my conduct as well. Running a SMB connection from my Synology NAS and have been getting an indexing error. Streaming via Plex is working just fine

So, you can stream Plex with no issues, but have indexing problems with SMB? That’s the opposite of me. :-/

Correct. The timing is what concerned me. Mine went out yesterday as well which makes me worry that there’s something going on with the Infuse platform.