Indexing Failed for Jellyfin

At random times, Infuse starts failing to fetch new content from a Jellyfin server, saying “Indexing Failed for Jellyfin”. It started happening after updating Jellyfin to 10.8.9. Refreshing and clearing metadata result in the same thing.

I’ve yet to find a workaround, except for removing the server in Infuse and signing back in. Unfortunately, the problem comes back later.
At the time of writing, indexing is failing on iOS and tvOS, but not on the macOS client (currently). The fact that new content is being indexed on macOS leads me to believe that this issue is on Infuse/Infuse Sync’s side

Infuse 7.4.10
Infuse Sync Plugin 1.4.20
Jellyfin 10.8.9

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Indeed with :

Infuse Version 7.4.10 (7.4.4329)
Jellyfin Version : 10.8.9 (Docker)

I have indexing problems too both on iPhone and on the Mac.

You may want to submit the diagnostics logs after you get the failed message. The devs may be able to see what’s going on that way.

Don’t forget to post the 5 digit code here in the thread.

Sorry I removed the server from Infuse and now I can’t even add it back.

It keeps saying “No Email Account” when I try to send it. I went to settings but couldn’t find where to add an email other than the icloud settings. Where is it?

Btw I only have the problem with the official docker.
The Linuxserver one works fine.

You would add an email add

You can add an email account in the iOS > Settings > Mail > Accounts area. Unfortunately, using the native iOS Mail app is the only way to submit logs at this time from Infuse for iOS.

It’s possible you may need to check the network settings for Docker. These can be different than a standard install, and if you are using multiple installations on the same device one may override the other.

Sorry I should have stated that the problem occurred “out of the blue” (sorry I just don’t know what broke it, as I have some auto-updates).
And I installed the Linuxserver version of the docker today, before that I only had the official one. So that’s not the problem