Indexing failed error

For some reason, it has indexed my movies folder, but my tv shows folder is not indexing. I am connecting to a plex server. Never had this issue before.

Infuse 7

You may want to check while browsing folders on the Apple TV to see if the words ‘Local Metadata’ appear in the upper right corner in any of the folders.

Are you getting an “Index Failed” message or are you just not getting any metadata on the TV folder?

Ok, you will think I am crazy, but now its not indexing my movies folder either. Earlier when I posted this thread it showed the latest movies added to my movie folder. But now its not. So neither movies or tv folders are being updated. I dont see the words “local metadata” in the top right.

And I am getting the indexing failed message. Its not showing the latest movies and shows added to their repsective folders.

Hi, I had the same problem only to realise that my Plex server wasn’t running…(I have it running minimised on a PC) I restarted the Plex server and all was good. Just a thought…

My plex server is running