Indexing Failed error on iPad

Here’s something odd. I’ve got my Apple TV 4K and Mac on the same network but both are connected to the Internet via ethernet cables and not WiFi. I’m able to play files stored on the Mac using Infuse 7 on the ATV.

When trying to play the same files via Infuse on my iPad (connected via WiFi), I continuously get an ‘Indexing Failed’ error. This only went away when I connected the Mac to the WiFi connection.

Strangely, I don’t need to do this, to play the files using VLC on the iPad. VLC is able to connect to the same folders via SMB when the Mac isn’t connected to the WiFi and is connected via ethernet

I don’t want to have to connect my Mac to the WiFi connection each time to play files on Infuse on my iPad. Why is it that the iPad app isn’t able to connect to the Mac in the way that VLC can

It sounds like you may have the MAC address for the Ethernet connection instead of the WiFi MAC address on the share advanced settings on the iPad.

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It’s set to 00:00:00:00:00:00

Try setting the MAC address to the WiFi MAC address on the Mac.

EDIT TO ADD: Another thing to try is to set it to the Ethernet MAC address on the Mac.

It should connect with the zeros there but the name could be throwing it off.

Also, what Name do you have for the Mac in the share address?

I had it as .local

Deleted this and added the smb IP of the mac and now I’m able to connect from the iPad

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Thank you for this suggestion. It helped steer me in the right direction

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