Indexing failed Emby library Apple TV 4K

Bought Apple TV 4K. Installed infused pro 7. Added Emby library (huge library) fetched data for a few hours. Then “failed indexing” error displayed. Any suggestions to resolve?

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If you have a huge library with different categories there (for example Movies/Serie/Kids etc.), this workaround may will help you:

  1. Add Emby server
  2. Disable all categories in library for fetching and wait still synching is completed
  3. Enable category one by one and wait for complete synching after each selected category.

Worked for me in the past, but I switched to Plex, more stable and no issues with indexing.

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Ouuu. Good idea! Didn’t try that. Hopefully solves it. After the “fetching data” completes, does it lose it after closing the app and repeat from scratch every time I open it