Indexing failed connecting to Plex server

Hi there…

I came across infuse as an alternative to the Plex AppleTV app. It worked great, for a day or two. I think the latest Plex update broke it, however? Maybe? Now when I try to connect to my Plex server from any of the infuse clients (AppleTV is my main interest, but also iPhone and iPad do the same thing), I get the same “index failed” error. My Plex version is running under Fedora. It was working previously, and I’ve tried reauthenticating and don’t see any other errors.

As a side note, is there a search function for the forums that I don’t see? Tried finding others with this problem…


Welcome to the forum! The search is at the very top of the page on the right side.

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Ahaha… what’s it doing way up there. Alright. Searching issue addressed. Now about that indexing…?

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Wish I could help but I don’t use Plex and I’m not sure where to even start . I’ve been so pleased with Infuse and it’s handling of everything I see no real use for Plex.

I’m sure someone will chime in but don’t forget it’s a weekend so it may be a few days. but don’t be surprised if it’s lots sooner.

Well you’ve already been very helpful!

Now that I can search I can see others have had similar issues in the past, with the recommendation of basically bypassing Plex and using SMB. For the record, this does appear to work, but it means that data won’t be passed through to Plex as far as statistics and other data. And the Plex interconnect was very lovely when it was working. So something is amiss I think. Hopefully someone will chime in with some ideas, or maybe a fix will be forthcoming.

Thanks again!

This appears to be fixed with the latest Plex release -

Outstanding! Glad your back running.

Perhaps that was premature. Seems to be not working once again. Maybe there is an indexing thing on the Plex server that has gone haywire. Odd really. Great when it works though. Certain folders will sync without a problem, but not the important ones. Still get the “indexing failed” message.

Can you try updating to 5.9? This has quite a few improvements for indexing Plex content, especially with larger libraries.

You may also try re-authenticating with Plex (Settings > Shares > Connect to Plex) as this will ensure Infuse has all the latest access tokens.

No luck with 5.9 either, sorry. Tried AppleTV and iPhone. I submitted the diagnostics from AppleTV if that helps (code 2V7E7).

I don’t think my Plex library is in any way large. I’ve got it setup into 5 folders. Movies(119j, TV Shows(3), Shorts(23), Dance(11) and Family(120). The first two give the index failed message. Shorts seems to sync but only one has a cover thumbnail. They eventually play but t not very well. And the last two sync seemingly ok but no covers and slow o load.

I thing it worked briefly after the latest Plex beta release somehow? Maybe their database cleanup routines cleanup an index that you reference or something, not sure what else to offer up for you.

I’ve tried logging out of Plex and back in again.

The Plex app works as well as the Plex app normally works.

Im having the same problem as GNUMatrix - tried multiple times to re-connect to the plex server, but still getting the same error - with “indexing failed …”

Hi there… I think I might have sorted out my problem. Somewhere in Plex > Settings > Network seems to be the issue. I think maybe it is in the section “IP addresses allowed without auth” and in mine I’ve got set there and it seems to be working. Not 100% it will work for you (put in your own network if it is different of course) but at the moment it seems to be working across devices, locally at least.

GNUMatrix, I had to solve this the other day so maybe I can help.

  • Where/how are you running your Plex server? In Docker by chance?

  • If you enable verbose logs on Plex and watch the in-app console, what’s printed out when you “Scan for changes” in Infuse? Or, if you don’t get that far, what’s printed out when you try to connect to Plex?

Hi there… Thanks for your offer to help troubleshoot. Maybe the other person can chime in with their info as well.

I’m running Plex on a Fedora box installed on my network (my usual desktop). Latest beta release of Plex, latest release of Fedora, latest release of Infuse. Also part of the Infuse beta which doesn’t seem to operate any differently in this respect at least.

All the normal ports have been opened as best as I can tell. Certainly enough for the Plex clients to connect without issue. As I just mentioned, I do have access now with the Infuse clients as well locally. If I try to connect over LTE (turning off WiFi on my phone for example) it doesn’t work but that’s a minor quibble for me at this point. Just happy that it works locally.

Oh, and now it seems to play movies over LTE, but when trying to sync it just sits there with a “pending…” message and no Plex log activity for some reason. So not the end of the world at the moment.