"Indexing failed" and "an error occurred"

I use the Library feature on Infuse to aggregate the contents of 4 folders. Since a recent Infuse update, I have been getting “Indexing failed on NAS” in the library view. When I go to the specific folders, it will say “an error occurred”, and also when I try to play content out of the Library. I restart the app and everything works again, until it doesn’t. Any ideas?

I just submitted a diagnostics report.

I’ve had similar problems recently. I assumed it was due to me changing the NAS box I was accessing. Are you using SMB or NFS to access your library? Mine seems to be dropping the connection to an NFS service, but I haven’t had enough time to complete the troubleshooting required.


The next update 5.6.9 will have improvements for SMB. Look for that coming soon

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Any updates about this? This has made Infuse practically unusable for us and we are considering cancelling our Pro subscription until there’s a fix.

James said the update with a lot of SMB fixes should be out in the next few days in another post. Hopefully it’ll fix your issue.

Have you tried making sure that you’re NAS was not hibernating before using Infuse? Sometimes that could happen. Also, have you tried removing the share all together and re-adding it?

Hibernation is off. I don’t want to remove and readd my share because that risks losing all my metadata corrections.

Is this only happening on Apple TV? What about iOS?

5.6.9 is now available!

Please give it a try and let us know if anything improves.

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Hi guys, I’ve the same problem with my library.
My configuration is like that:
Mac mini running Plex Media Server
4 HDD connected directly to the mac + 1 HDD WD my cloud connected in Lan to the modem
Apple TV 4 running Infuse Pro
Specifically the problem is:
I cannot access to my favourite folder just from the main menu ( infuse says “an error occurred”)
Then if I navigate to setting and try to force the “detect changes in library” it stops says index failed
Well, but if I try to navigate into the Library folder in the main menu I can totally access to my files and watch a movie.
So the error is just for indexing the files on my favourite folder because all the files are still usable bypassing the favourite folder.
This bug occurred to me for the third time today. The first and the second one I removed Plex library from my connection and just readded it and then all was fine, obviously I lost my metadata that I changed. But now I prefer to find a solid solution to resolve this issue. Anyone can help me please? Thanks

Are you connecting through Plex, or through normal SMB?

If through Plex, you may check to ensure the DLNA option is still enabled as described here.

Also, the upcoming 5.7 update will include an all-new Plex integration which will allow for a much more seamless experience when using Infuse & Plex together.

Thanks to reply James! :slight_smile: I’m connectet to Plex via dlna and sure dlna option is enable on Plex server. Tried everything to bypass this error of index failed but no results yet! Now from my main menu I can access just to one of my favourite of three that I have on it

Another thing to check might be the IP address. If your share is set to use a fixed address (for your Plex server), and this address changes it can prevent Infuse from connecting. You can view the current settings in Infuse > Settings > Shares > Share Name > Edit.

The Plex integration coming in 5.7 will provide much more resiliency in this area as well.

When this update is coming?
Anyway, I have a fixed ip on my Plex server and it doesn’t change at all. In fact I can access to my file navigating in infuse → library → film → all film and I can watch them. But they are not accessible from my favorite folder on the main menu

Hmm, that’s interesting…

5.7 is currently under active development and we’re hoping to begin beta testing soon.

Yes interesting and frustrating ?

Everything works for me using Plex DLNA except for recently added! infuse will just show my films in alphabetical order in the recently added category, which is annoying it means I can’t use the recently added home shelf on ATV.

Unfortunately we don’t get date info from UPnP or DLNA servers, so things are simply sorted by the order they are added…which usually means alphabetically.

Also for me everything work well until the errot…since 3 months ago this error occurred 3 three times. So not so good