Index failing with Jellyfin

I’m having the same issue with Jellyfin. The server is working/awake, I could access it with Swiftfin directly, albeit that direct connection is a slower experience with my setup. Indexing has worked on one device but then seems to fail on another consistently. I deleted Infuse and I will try it from scratch again on that device but even if that worked I’m hoping to find a better solution.

@NC_Bullseye would you know if it can be caused a single large tv show folder with 40k episodes? I’m asking because I’m willing to split a whole bunch of them out into a separate folder for those that have already been ended.

Are we talking 40K episodes of different shows in one folder without be separated into show and seasons? I couldn’t even fathom a guess.

I have 20K + in a share divided into individual shows with individual seasons and it works like a charm.

It for sure couldn’t hurt to split it out into ended shows to see if that helps.

@NC_Bullseye by 40k+ episodes I mean of course in the structure of TVshow_name/season.X/episodes

I’ve also just read that with the direct mode it does keep a cache. @NC_Bullseye have you tried that method and is that also your experience?

It is a bit of work to separate out all the ended shows … I’ll do it if it is really all about the size of the library. I have unticked my TV show folder and even with only my movies and documentaries, Infuse gives me a failed to index message in the end. When I look at the library’s content it seems to have everything though, except it doesn’t grab the artwork because that would be the next step after a successful index.

I use Infuse only, no additional Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin, sorry.

Anytime I’ve had the index fail message I just click on the scan button again and it usually works the second time. This usually happens when my NAS was napping and the second hit works after it wakes completely.

I noticed that the Trakt plugin was perpetually running … maybe the 1h time interval was too short with a handful of accounts (one for each family member). Now I’m running it on two devices with the same account and they both seem to be indexing happily.

@NC_Bullseye I always appreciate your help! You are a real gem here :pray:

Quick question about indexing. What are the stages? Is this correct:

  1. Fetching content (from the server)
  2. Indexing Metadata (from the server)
  3. downloading Artwork (from TMDb)
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I believe so, I know it occasionally will throw in a few other functions when it checks for updates to metadata but that seems about right.

I moved this to it’s own thread since your possible solution may be better off in it’s own thread so others can benefit from your troubleshooting. :+1:

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In fact now that I changed the interval to 6h, it now shows me that it took the scheduler about 1h to run through the 5 Trakt accounts. Not sure how that interferes with the indexing but it really seems to be the culprit because now it works across multiple users & devices.

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