Incorrectly Justified Persian Text in Description

Whenever I click on the description of a movie or show in Persian (whether it is on macOS, iOS, iPadOS, or tvOS), the description is incorrectly left-justified when it should be right-justified.

P.S. When choosing a language for the metadata, Persian is not an official option in the list of languages. I have only been able to select it as an option because there are some suggested languages at the top based on my system settings. I’m not sure if this may be related to the issue.

Thanks for the report!

We’ll take a look at this.

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This has been fixed in today’s 7.4.5 update. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! It looks great on iOS and iPadOS, but the issue still persists on tvOS.

Did you try restarting your ATV after the Infuse update to 7.4.5?

I just performed a reset (simultaneously held down the TV and Menu buttons) and also plugged out and then plugged back in the Apple TV, and neither resolved the issue.

And just to double check, did you look at the bottom of the Setting screen and verify your update to 7.4.5 worked?

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Yes, I just double checked in the settings, and it is indeed on version 7.4.5.

Some additional context that may be helpful: while I did say in my original post that my metadata settings were set to Persian, that is only true for my iPhone and my iPad. The Apple TV is not owned by me nor am I the main user, so the Infuse iCloud data are synced to a different Apple ID than the data on my iPhone and iPad. The metadata on the Apple TV is set to English (and unfortunately it is impossible to change it to Persian on the Apple TV), but there are some shows and movies that only have any metadata on TMDB in Persian, so the metadata for those movies and shows is fetched in Persian, but is not displayed correctly on the Apple TV.

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