Incorrect metadata source frustration (eg Tom and Jerry)

Unfortunately right now the only metadata I can get for Tom and Jerry is from (totally messy and incorrect).

Infuse refuses to allow me to search/pull the correct metadata for Tom and Jerry from []

Does anyone else have this problem? I don’t know if this is a general problem…

So annoying. Please fix soon.

Feature request: PLEASE DISPLAY METADATA SOURCE when using the “edit metadata” option (e.g. /, and give the user more power to search manually through their desired source.

It should take it from The TVDB, not from The MovieDB:

It’s a series… so name it like the episodes and it should be fine.

This is what I did to get Tom and Jerry to grab the correct info from thetvdb.
1: Name the main folder- Tom and Jerry
2: Name the Season folder - Season 1940
Season 1950
Season 1960
3:Name your Season files like this- S1940E01.Puss.Gets.the.Boot.mkv

Hope this helps