Incorrect filename for files downloaded via FTP


The video files are renamed(not only striped) if I download them via FTP. As this seems to be an encoding issue, is it possible to have an encoding setting for FTP transfers in the future?

thank you


Can you provide a bit more info on what you are seeing?

Is the correct filename being displayed when browsing the share (before downloading)?

Yes, the filename is correct while browsing in the FTP share. As an example, a file named “” after download it is renamed to “my movie.se01.ep10.mkv”. Actually it looks like the app is trying to convert the filename into something more “friendly”. If a subtitle is associated then it is automatically downloaded and renamed in the same way.
I did a test with another video app (just to be sure that is not an issue with my sftp server) and I did not encounter the issue.

Hope this helps.

thank you for support.

Infuse will do this in some cases, but it’s usually limited to scenarios where the series/season info is derived from folder structure.

Breaking Bad/Season 1/S1.E5.mkv

In this case, simply downloading the S1.E5.mkv would result in Infuse have no info about the series name. So Infuse will append the series name to ensure it’s able to get the correct info for the video.

Is there a specific issue you are seeing with the filenames being changed in your case, or are you just curious as to why it was happening?

The change in naming does not stop me for watching the movie so it is not a big deal. However, from time to time it fails to rename also the subtile therefor it will not be loaded during playback. I do have the posibility to rename every file before loading them to my ftp storage but still may be annoying for a large number of files.