Incorrect episode numbering


I think there is a little big in Infuse 7.4.4 for Mac at least.
I have some episodes which are named xxx 21x1026 xxx, xxx 21x1027 xxx, xxx 21x1028 xxx, and so on till xx 21x1030 xxx.
Infuse tag them all as S21 - E102 till xx 21x1029 xxx and then S21 - E103 for all the range beginning at xx 21x1030 xxx.
Could you give a look at that please ?
Thank you very much.

What TV series is this for?

Hello James,

Thanks for you answer.
It’s for One Piece.
Right now all episodes are in S21 and above 1030.

Try naming them like this:

One Piece 1999 S21E892
One Piece 1999 S21E893
One Piece 1999 S21E894
One Piece 1999 S21E1030
One Piece 1999 S21E1031

etc. You definitely need to follow the episode ordering conventions of TMDB, since that’s Infuse’s only metadata provider.

It shouldn’t matter what you append after the episode number, as long as you leave a space. Something like:

One Piece 1999 S21E892 The Land of Wano!

But other sets of numbers my confuse it, and it is probably best not to use the entire episode names, as they appear to be mighty long.

*If the issue is 4-digit episode numbers; I can’t help you there. But try the simple version (above) and see if it works.

Thank you FLskydiver, it’s what I did.
All the numbers were One Piece - 21x01 to One Piece - 21x132 and everything is working good.
Then they jump to One Piece - 21x1024, One Piece - 21x1025 etc, etc…
From there it’s not working anymore.

I’m not sure if it’s the way you’re numbering the episodes with the 21X1024 or other issues but I named the files like this.
Test for Pierred78 File name and structure
And that gave the correct results with the correct episode numbers.

I’d suggest you try the file naming as above in my example using S21E1024 instead of 21X1024

Yes it’s working !
Thank you very much NC_Bullseye :slight_smile:
Everything is good now.

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So in other words, you finally tried naming them the way I first suggested. Lol. But I wouldn’t trust me, either — @NC_Bullseye is the man. :+1:t3:

Yes, thank you as well FLskydiver :grinning:

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