Incorrect display - episodes, metadata

Hi! So I’ve download some seasons of “Archer” recently, and infuse doesn’t seem to correctly display the third season
, most likely due to the unusual episode count, because “first” episode there is listed as “00” as an “intro”, or “special episode” and not as an actual beginning of the season (s03e01). And it shows only first three episodes instead of full season (10) and also not searching for metadata for this season where Infuse currently gets it TV series information from has this series as “Archer (2009)” (to distinguish it from the 1975 series called “Archer”).

Also they identify this episode as a Special, so should be of the form:

Archer (2009) S00E04 name of episode.mkv

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okay, but what do I do with the rest of the episodes, which are not showing up in infuse?

Can you provide a sample of how you have the files named?

Sure! That’s the original names, i didn’t change anything. All files just go like show tittle > episode number > episode name
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It looks like you didn’t change the names as @remotevisitor had suggested above.

Try changing the files names to

“Archer 2009 S01E01.mkv” and so on for all episodes.

This is one of those rare TV series that will have the year in the file name. This isn’t common but does occur now and then.

It also helps if you place things in a series folder which should be named “Archer 2009” and inside that series folder place the episodes for each season in their own folder. For the specials that are denoted by the “S00Exx” numbers that should be a folder named “Season 00” and for season 3 that folder should be “Season 03”.

This format will get matched most often and will make organizing a lot easier.


thank you, i’ll try!