Inconsistent TV Series Metadata

I’m finding this weird thing when I’m browsing the folders for my TV series, the main folder for a few shows is getting metadata (artwork/description) while most are not. It doesn’t seem to have any correlation to how many subfolders/seasons are inside the main folder. None of my folders have image files in them, so I’m not sure where these few are pulling from, and why other aren’t doing the same.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the list view of the folders to give a sense of what I’m talking about.

If anyone has any thoughts, it’d be greatly appreciated.

Much of the issues with artwork becoming hit or miss comes from the naming of the files. Can you provide the exact names for a few of the files that aren’t providing all of the artwork?.

Also, are you having issued on both iOS as well as tvOS since you posted the same thing in both forums?